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Patient Portal Access
Your Guide to Success with the Patient Portal

Welcome! We are excited to offer the Patient Portal for online access to your "chart". In order to help you make the most of your portal, below are a few tips and information.

The Patient Portal is secure online access to your "chart" in our office. You provide an email address, and we give you a username and password to login. Whenever something is posted to your portal, like results, or a message, you will receive a simple email prompting you to go check your portal. No health information is relayed in this email. You must have a username and password to access the site.

Use the patient portal specifically for the patient you have a question or request on. These messages are entered directly into the patient's chart, so it is important that you do not use your portal for a question on anyone else but the patient. You can sign up to the portal under one email address for notification. Confidentiality is important, and any patient has the right to keep their health information private, even from family members.

Who knows my password?
Only you know your password after you change your temporary password. Our system does not keep passwords listed except for the brief second we enter your temporary for you. It is then instantly erased. If you forget your temporary password, we have to generate a new temporary password for you. You can change your password as much as you would like, but we do not have records of it. If you forget your password, you can create a new one online or call us and we can enter a new temporary password for you.
Locked Out:
If you try a wrong username or password too many times, it will "Lock" your portal. You must call us to unlock your portal and we will provide you with a new temporary password.

Once you have successfully logged into your Patient Portal, you can access the following features from the left navigation pane on the Patient Portal home page:

Send and receive messages to and from the practice, including questions to a specific recipient in the office, a physician, nurse, or administrator.
Request a new appointment and see the date and time of appointments you already have scheduled.
Lab Reports:
Access and review lab and diagnostic reports.
Request Refills:
Send specific requests to the practice for medication refills.
View Health Records:
Access your entire personal health records.
Review Billing Statements:
Access your patient balances, statements and payment.
Quickly and directly send a non-emergency question or general message to the office.


To Register or Login:
Patients can either contact our office or go online to PRE-REGISTER. Once patient's receive a username and password, CLICK HERE to be directly logged into our personalized practice patient portal.


IMPORTANT: The Patient Portal is not intended for use in an emergency! If you have a true medical emergency, dial 911.